Frequently Asked Questions

Are they covered by health fund rebates?

When prescribed by a qualified professional such as a chiropractor, osteopath or podiatrist our orthotics are covered by many Health Funds in Australia depending on your level of cover.

Do they fit in all shoes?

Yes… our orthotics are extremely slim, flexible and comfortable, unlike traditional hard, bulky orthotics. Because they work by stimulating the neurology in the feet, rather than supporting the arches, they can be work in pretty much any shoe, or even sandals and high heels.

Are they comfortable?

Yes, they are extremely soft and comfortable. Most patients find they are aware of them in their shoes for about the first week… after that they usually don’t even feel that they’re there.

Do you have to wear them all the time?

Because they work by stimulating the muscles and neurology of the feet, they create lasting change in the function… even when you’re not wearing them. Unlike regular orthotics, where the benefit is lost as soon as you step off them, these create persistent effects, so it’s ok not to wear them all the time. That being said, obviously the more consistently they are worn, the greater the benefits.

How long do they last?

Often they will last for many years, but typically they may require updating every couple of years. They are guaranteed for the first 12 months.

How do they change posture?

By stimulating muscle firing in the foot they modify the neurological feedback to the brain. This results in changed patterns of muscle firing and inhibition throughout the body. One of the most common changes observed is improved firing of the hip flexor and neck flexor muscles.

Are they included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods?

Yes, this product is included in the ARTG.  

How soon do they make changes?

Changes in posture, gait and muscle firing can usually be seen immediately on placing the orthotics in your shoes. These changes are often seen to increase and become more permanent over 3-6 months. 

A slim-line stimulatory orthotic that modifies your posture to treat conditions caused by muscle imbalance

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