Improve Balance, Posture & Performance through simple, comfortable orthotics that retrain your whole nervous system, not just your feet


A functional solution for posture, pain and balance problems.



Better balance orthotics do much more than just help your feet function… they actually balance the whole nervous system. By stimulating the muscles in the feet to fire correctly they provide better feedback about your connection to the ground. The result is improved muscle coordination in both gait and posture. Unlike regular orthotics, which simply provide a temporary “crutch”, these actually reeducate your body how to walk and stand correctly, leading to better balance, performance and less chance of injury. 



Every pair is tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Our practitioners are trained to test your feet to determine your exact requirements.


Training Provided

Clear, concise training in how to assess each patient to determine their exact needs. We also provide training in how to successfully implement into your practice. 


Australian Made

We are a fully Australian owned company. Our orthotics are manufactured right here in Sydney. 


Improve posture

Create measurable improvements that increase over time. These improvements persist even when a patient is not standing on the orthotics.


Patients LOVE them

These slim, soft, comfortable and flexible orthotics fit in almost any shoe, including high heels and sandals, so patients LOVE them.


Lasting Arch Improvement

Improve over-pronation by stimulating the muscles in the feet to fire correctly, rather than just passively supporting the arches.

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“Heartfelt thanks to the Better Balance Orthotics team. Our son was experiencing foot, leg and neck pain daily. It was so bad that he couldn’t even participate in little athletics, which he loves. After receiving his pair of Better Balance Orthotics his pain was dramatically reduced and he was immediately able to go back to running. He even got a bunch of ‘personal bests’ the very next week.  Our son happily wears his orthotics without complaints.”

Kyleen S.

North Kellyville

Stimulatory Orthotics that actively retrain the feet to achieve lasting functional improvements

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Follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional